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CACEIS adds flexibility and pace to client onboarding and service delivery

CACEIS is the asset servicing banking group of Crédit Agricole and Santander, delivering added-value financial services for all asset classes. Services provided include execution, clearing, custody, depositary, and asset valuation in markets worldwide.

Clients of CACEIS include pension funds, asset managers, wealth managers, private equity funds, banks, brokers, and other institutional clients.

With assets under custody of €4.6 trillion and assets under administration of €3.3 trillion, CACEIS is a European leader in asset servicing with offices across Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

CACEIS commitment to clients

The CACEIS Pensions Centre provides a fully outsourced front-to-back trade processing, recordkeeping, accounting, performance and risk measurement and reporting service, that enables clients to focus on their own core business.

Pension fund clients log directly into the front office investment management platform (SimCorp Dimension) where they can conduct their own portfolio management. As soon as trades are initiated, CACEIS undertakes all downstream administration to ensure timely and efficient execution.

CACEIS is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for clients, with professionalism and flexibility. Its aim is to minimize friction within the new client onboarding process and to have the flexibility to expand the bank’s service proposition quickly, in line with continuously evolving client requirements.

Key challenges

CACEIS is growing rapidly. The pace of new client acquisition makes it difficult to predict and accommodate onboarding peaks, especially when multiple projects run concurrently.

Deploying an end-to-end change management process successfully requires breadth and depth of buy-side expertise and SimCorp Dimension experience. It is impractical and costly to maintain a complete squad of in-house staff with all necessary skills that can meet the peaks in demand.

CACEIS recognized the need to partner with a specialist buy-side consultancy to ensure high quality service and client satisfaction. It needed a firm with SimCorp Dimension expertise that could support the scale-up of expert project teams quickly, to deliver the deep insights and experience needed to handle the change management process effectively.

The Elgin White difference

In October 2022 CACEIS selected Elgin White to work on two specific initiatives.

  • Define the structure and manage the setup of newly onboarded clients. Elgin White advised on ensuring change management processes are streamlined and effective, and that the front office system reflects the way clients want to manage their assets.
  • Support the interfaces between SimCorp Dimension and a client’s legacy systems (for example, the data warehouse). As an interim step, daily synchronizations must be validated to ensure accurate reconciliations.

According to Wouter Peters, Global Head of the CACEIS Pensions Centre and Executive Committee Member for the Dutch branch:

“We were most impressed by the speed with which Elgin White was able to stand-up a world-class project team to manage our new client onboarding process. The quality of their consultants, the depth of their buy-side expertise, and their professionalism in collaborating with both internal staff and our clients is outstanding.”

Teams are formulated to meet the specific requirements of each project and can be adapted over time as projects evolve. 

“Different phases of client onboarding require different domain expertise and technology skill sets. With Elgin White we have the flexibility to tailor the project team to meet our requirements at any given time.”

Elgin White is helping CACEIS to deliver future-ready asset servicing to its pension fund clients. As new requirements emerge CACEIS can significantly expand its proposition, quickly and cost-effectively.

“Working with Elgin White gives us the confidence that CACEIS can deliver every project on time and in line with client expectations. Following the success of our first year working together we have extended the scope of our partnership to include broader business-as-usual technology optimization projects and further refinements to our SimCorp Dimension delivery platform,” says Peters.

“The quality of Elgin White's consultants, the depth of their buy-side expertise, and their professionalism in collaborating with both internal staff and our clients is outstanding.”

Wouter Peters Global Head of the CACEIS Pensions Centre and Executive Committee Member for the Dutch branch

Wouter Peters, Global Head of the CACEIS Pensions Centre and Executive Committee Member for the Dutch branch
At a glance

Business goals

  • Be a fully flexible partner for pension fund asset servicing in Europe.
  • Make the onboarding process as fast and seamless as possible.
  • Adapt service propositions quickly to meet changing client requirements.
  • Ensure the high quality and expertise of every project team.

Key challenges

  • Planning for and managing peaks of onboarding activity.
  • Staff with specialist buy-side expertise in high demand.
  • Ability to scale teams with specialist expertise and experience very quickly.
  • Time required to adapt propositions to meet new client requirements.

Benefits of Elgin White partnership

  • Rapid scale-up of experienced buy-side project teams with relevant skill sets.
  • Vast SimCorp Dimension implementation expertise, on demand
  • Switch skill sets in/out of the team, through each phase of deployment
  • Eliminate underutilized on-the-bench internal resources
  • Accelerate every onboarding and implementation project
  • Easily satisfy ad hoc and/or short-term requirements
  • Accommodate evolving client requirements as soon as they arise
  • Top quality consultants boost the reputation of CACEIS and create competitive advantage


CACEIS is the asset servicing banking group of Crédit Agricole and Santander dedicated to asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, banks, private equity and real estate funds, brokers and corporate clients. Through offices across Europe, North and South America, and Asia, CACEIS offers a broad range of services covering execution, clearing, forex, securities lending, custody, depositary and fund administration, transfer agency, fund distribution support, middle office outsourcing and issuer services. With assets under custody of €4.6 trillion and assets under administration of €3.3 trillion, CACEIS is a European leader in asset servicing and one of the major players worldwide (figures as of 31 July 2023).

About Elgin White

Elgin White is a specialist buy-side consultancy and resourcing firm that partners with you to optimize business and technology platforms, serve clients more effectively, consolidate costs, and increase your competitive advantage.

Our teams include many of the most experienced industry thought leaders, delivery specialists, and data experts who have successfully deployed numerous vendor technology solutions.

Our clients include many of the world’s largest asset managers, investment advisors, pension funds, insurance companies, wealth managers, private equity funds, and banks. 

Our deep global talent pool can fill resourcing and expertise gaps, on-site or remotely, to enhance your on-time and on-budget delivery roadmap. 

We help deliver an optimized, secure, compliant, and cost-effective target operating model that aligns with your business goals and built on innovative, future-ready technology. We also help design, select, implement, and optimize the right technologies and vendor platforms to deliver the value outcomes you expect.  

Jeremy Hurwitz

Managing Director - North America

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeremy founded InvestTech Systems Consulting LLC in 1990. As President and Director the Enterprise Data Management and Architecture Practice for more than 25 years he managed over 50 large investment technology, strategy, and implementation projects for many of the largest global investment management firms. Following the acquisition of his firm by Accenture in 2017, Jeremy remained as Managing Director, Asset Management Lead.

Jeremy joined Elgin White in 2022 to lead the firm’s launch into North America. He is recognized throughout the North America asset management community as a thought leader and innovation architect in the design of enterprise data, analytics, and reporting platforms. His deep knowledge, broad buy-side network, and extensive experience deploying business-outcome-focused technology solutions successfully has accelerated the growth of Elgin White in North America.

Stanley Drasky

Managing Director

Stan joined Elgin White in 2020 following an impressive 30-year career working predominantly for world-class buy-side financial services firms in North America and Europe. He is a renowned buy-side technology leader with a reputation for designing and delivering large-scale transformation initiatives at scale and pace. Currently, Stan is especially active leading infrastructure (cloud and managed services) transformation projects.

His most recent roles prior to Elgin White include Chief Information Officer (EMEA) at State Street and various senior positions during his eight-year tenure at Northern Trust Corporation, including Head of IT & EMEA/Global Director of Fund Administration Technology, Global Director of Asset Management Technology, and Director of Trade Execution Technologies. Stan has also held senior Operational and Technology roles at Nuveen Investments and BNY Mellon.

Throughout his career Stan has been a strategic client or partner of every major front-to-back office technology vendor including SimCorp and Charles River Development.

Erik Schutte

Managing Director

Erik founded Elgin White’s consultancy practice in 2019, which transitioned the firm into a full-service buy-side consultancy and resourcing business. He is an experienced front-to-back business transformation professional and has held several senior management positions during his more than 30-year career in the UK and his native Netherlands, as well as Asia Pacific.

Previous roles include Head of Professional Services at SimCorp, Director at PwC UK, and Managing Director for Wealth & Asset Management Services at Accenture UK & Ireland.